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Our Story

Bringing the microscope and pathology lab of the future inside the patient

Rather than taking a piece of a patient and sending it to a lab, we have reimagined the patient workflow and have brought the lab and the microscope to the patient. Literally, inside the patient. 

Since 2000, Mauna Kea Technologies has pioneered the medical advancement of digital in-vivo endomicroscopy. By bringing together world-leaders in astrophysics and medicine, we engineered the world’s smallest microscope that enables clinicians to view tissue within the human body at a cellular level in real-time. 

Our visionary thinking is changing the landscape of tissue biopsy management by placing increased diagnostic confidence into the hands of clinicians.

Our mission is to eliminate diagnostic and treatment uncertainties and improve the care of patients

Today our products are sold in over 40 countries, with 600 systems installed worldwide. Cellvizio has over 930 scientific publications which demonstrate the clinical utility and safety of live unlimited tissue assessment.

Our Technology - Real Time Confocal Laser Endomicroscopy (CLE)

Cellvizio® belongs to a specific category of microscopes, called “confocal laser microscopes”. This means that the images made by Cellvizio come only from a very thin focal plane that is optically projected into the tissues. This optical slicing capability plays the role of the physical slicing of endoscopically extracted tissue samples (or biopsies) as done in standard histology. The images produced by Cellvizio are not entirely comparable to physical biopsies.

As opposed to traditional method of taking “blind biopsies,” which consist of removing tissue from patients and bringing it under a microscope, sometimes days after, Cellvizio shows digital microscopic video sequences displayed live on a monitor during the endoscopic evaluation. This added immediate information allows clinicians to make more informed and efficient treatment decisions for patients who may be suffering from gastrointestinal cancers and other diseases. 

CLE performed with the GastroFlex, AlveoFlex, CholangioFlex, CelioFlex, ColoFlex, UroFlex and Cystoflex miniprobes are termed probed-based CLE (pCLE), whereas CLE performed via the AQ-Flex miniprobe through an FNA needle is termed needle-based CLE (nCLE).

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Cellvizio is at the core of key trends in medicine and surgery 

Our technologies are key to the future of image-guided and data-driven interventions. We are like no other medical technology company today as we have the potential to radically change surgery and medicine. With our technology we can combine microscopic imaging, data processing, and cognitive computing to optimize real-time therapy guidance and make treatment pathways more efficient.

Live from the operating room, our visionary thinking is creating a world where the surgeon has instantaneous image guidance from a pathologist.

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World leaders in endomicroscopy innovation

From our headquarters in Paris, we are creating the future of endomicroscopy, making our products work better, go faster and cost less. Today we remain the world leaders in endomicroscopy innovation and products with technical advancements in optoelectronics, cognitive computing and image processing, where we hold over 200 issued patents.

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