This section is intended for Pre-Clinical Use of our System and not for Human Use.


Cellvizio Lab brings cellular-scale information to understand biological mechanisms

Work under physiological conditions using non- or minimally invasive procedures to image the tissue of interest at cellular resolution in the living animal.
The dual-color capability of Cellvizio Dual Band allows you to co-localize cells or molecules or to track a molecule of interest within its anatomical environment.

Cellvizio Lab is used in a broad range of fields of research

  • Cancer and Disease development
  • Drug discovery and delivery
  • Stem cells
  • Peripheral nerve imaging

Cellvizio Lab can be used anywhere in the animal

  • Explore external organs non invasively
  • Use natural routes for easy and non invasive access
  • Perform a small incision to access deeper organs

Find out more by downloading the
Preclinical Research Cellvizio Brochure