Cellvizio System

Take a Closer Look at the Cellvizio System and Service Contract


Cellvizio® System Advantages

Simple & intuitive
Cellvizio technology is simple to use, with an intuitive interface. Clinicians can record and watch videos and review previously-recorded sequences.

Visualize Cellular Health
Cellvizio produces extremely high quality images delivered by advanced image processing

Flexible Probe Range
Confocal MiniprobesTM are inserted into the working channel of standard endoscopes. Various models of Confocal Miniprobes have been designed in time to meet the specific needs of different types of procedures.

Confocal Imaging
Cellvizio Images come from a very thin focal plane that is optically projected into the tissues. This optical slicing plays the role of the physical slicing of endoscopically extracted tissue samples (or biopsies) as done in standard histology.

A range of Confocal Miniprobes™ for a variety of medical specialties

Cellvizio Confocal Miniprobes™ are compatible with any endoscope and standard reprocessing method. Cellvizio probes can be inserted into the operating channel of any endoscope, much like the manner in which biopsy forceps are used.

Download further information on the Cellvizio Miniprobe Range 


Cellvizio Service Contract

Ensure the performance of your equipment 

Mauna Kea Technologies proposes a service contract that is tailored to your needs and designed to maintain and ensure continuous support of your Cellvizio system.

One goal: Improving patient care while optimizing the productivity of your system

Our goal is to optimize the productivity of your system to ensure a continuity of care to your patients. This includes:

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Utilization monitoring
  • Regular software upgrades
  • On-site interventions

Experiencing a technical problem? Not to worry 

A simple phone call is all it takes. Our service teams can immediately analyze the problem and run diagnostic tests through an efficient remote service. All our contact details can be found here 

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