Unlike any other technology in the world, Cellvizio® lets you see cells virtually anywhere in the human body, at high magnification, in vivo, in real time. Suddenly you can understand what is occurring at the cellular level, right now, inside the patient. And that transforms your approach to diagnosis and treatment.

The power of Cellvizio vision

Current diagnostic and treatment methods for many serious diseases are invasive, inefficient, and often uncertain. The result is missed diagnoses, unnecessary interventions, and undue complications. Cellvizio changes all that, with powerful impacts for physicians, practices, and patients, across the care continuum.

See clearly

View what was once invisible or inaccessible, in vivo, in real time

Know quickly

Gain immediate insight into cellular changes indicative of disease

Act confidently

Accelerate diagnosis, better inform treatment, reduce unnecessary interventions

Change outcomes

Radically improve clinical and economic outcomes, and patient quality of life

Transforming a range of specialties

By combining extreme clarity of visualization, in vivo information, and flexibility in form and function, Cellvizio is creating exciting new possibilities in diverse medical specialties throughout the body.



Cellvizio is a game-changing tool for the detection, diagnosis, and treatment of a range of pulmonary disease, and can play a crucial role in understanding the pathogenesis of COVID-19.

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Cellvizio is helping eliminate diagnostic and treatment uncertainty, earlier on the care path, for GI conditions from pancreatic cysts to esophageal and gastric cancers, to inflammatory bowel disease.

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Cellvizio allows real-time visualization of the internal microstructures of tissues in ureteroscopic and cystoscopic procedures, with important diagnostic and therapeutic impacts.

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Cellvizio in endoscopic procedures

Cellvizio in endoscopic procedures


During an endoscopic procedure an area of interest is identified. Cellvizio Confocal Miniprobe™ is inserted into the operating channel of a standard endoscope


The miniprobe appears on the endoscopic image and is positioned in contact with the tissue


Unlike traditional endoscopy, Cellvizio Confocal Miniprobes provide deep observation of the mucosa at a preferred layer for cancerous tumors

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