Cellvizio®, See Clearly & Act Faster
Cellvizio® is the first and only
probe-based confocal laser endomicroscopy platform available to healthcare providers worldwide
Provides real-time vision at the cellular level
Cellvizio® helps eliminate uncertainties
related to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and other diseases
Cellvizio®, See Clearly & Act Faster
A breakthrough imaging platform
changing the way physicians and surgeons plan their patients’ treatment


Eliminate Diagnostic and Treatment Uncertainties with Cellvizio®

Cellvizio advanced technology helps target biopsies using the world's smallest flexible microscope, providing clinicians with microscopic images of tissue instantaneously and in a minimally-invasive manner. Today Cellvizio is used in over 40 countries and 600 clinics worldwide.

  • Cellvizio is a breakthrough imaging platform making biopsies more targeted1 and more accessible2

  • Cellvizio has been proven to help physicians secure their decisions, reduce indetermination and improve patient outcomes. 

  • Cellvizio reduces the number of biopsies needed while increasing diagnostic yield3 by providing real-time vision at the cellular level.  

CLE (Cellvizio) allows targeted biopsies of suspected mucosal abnormalities, which in turn increases the diagnostic yield of histologic analysis and limits the number of random biopsies.
- Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons

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See Microarchitecture at the Point of Care

Thanks to its Confocal Miniprobes™, Cellvizio is compatible with all types of flexible endoscopes and when placed in direct contact with the mucosa, it provides real-time in vivo video sequences of the cellular and vascular microarchitecture of internal human tissue structure.

Probe-based and needle-based Confocal Laser Endomicroscopy (pCLE/nCLE)

Treatment decisions can be made in a minimally invasive and in an instantaneous manner, as opposed to traditional method of taking “blind biopsies”.
Targeted Biopsies are digital microscopic video sequences displayed live on a monitor during the endoscopic evaluation.

  • Break with traditional ‘blind’ biopsies 
  • Microscopic imaging
  • See cellular health at the point of care
  • Reduce the number of biopsies needed while increasing diagnostic yield4,5
  • Improve diagnostic confidence6
  • Easy to use with rapid learning curve

Step 1 : During an endoscopic procedure an area of interest is identified. Cellvizio miniprobe is inserted into the operating channel of a standard endoscope

Step 2 : The miniprobe appears on the endoscopic image and is positioned in contact with the tissue 

Step 3 : Simple contact between the tip of the miniprobe and the tissue generates real-time microscopic cellular images viewed directed on the Cellvizio screen. Unlike traditional endoscopy, Cellvizio® miniprobes provide deep observation of the mucosa, up to 150 µm, which is the preferred layer for cancerous tumors.

Cellvizio can be used across a number of different indications, click below to find more specific information

Barrett's Esophagus

Cellvizio Targeted Biopsy facilitates the surveillance and treatment of Barrett’s Esophagus


Lung Nodules

Cellvizio Targeted Biopsy helps reach better diagnosis for your bronchoscopy procedure


Gastric Diseases

Cellvizio Targeted Biopsy enables “on the spot” characterization of intestinal metaplasia and early gastric cancer


Billiary Strictures

Targeted Biopsy with Cellvizio enables superior characterization of indeterminate biliary and pancreatic strictures


Pancreatic Strictures

Targeted Biopsy with Cellvizio enables superior characterization of indeterminate biliary and pancreatic strictures


Pancreatic Cysts

Cellvizio Targeted Biopsy helps reduce the number of indeterminate pancreatic cysts using through-the-needle endomicroscopy


Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

Cellvizio Targeted Biopsy provides a tailored approach to patient management based on an assessment at the mucosal level


Colorectal Lesions

Cellvizio Targeted Biopsy aids in the management of colorectal neoplasia for the real time polyp characterization and treatment follow up



Visualize the internal microstructure of tissues in real time during ureteroscopic and cystoscopic procedures.


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