Our Values

At Mauna Kea Technologies we don't operate by a set of rules, we adhere to a set of core values and at the heart of all this is a strong commitment to customer service. We follow a code of beliefs and principals and are constantly striving to improve. We are also on the lookout for talented, qualified people who would like to join us in our mission. Whether it is a passion to perform, thinking outside the box, a dedication to growth and development, and a commitment to team spirit, we are driven each day by the desire to attain excellence.


  • We go above and beyond the call of duty for the benefit of the team.
  • Working together, we will always find a way to overcome challenges.
  • We are detail-orientated because details make all the difference.
  • We set and reach ambitious goals.



  • Beyond just thinking deeply, we think differently.
  • We question the status quo, we use our imagination and we are fearless.
  • We show humility and humor in all circumstances.
  • We never assume.


  • We turn creative ideas into concrete and effective solutions.
  • We view change as an opportunity to take more initiative.
  • We are committed to succeed despite obstacles or pressure.
  • We celebrate success, we recognize difficulties and we learn from failures.


  • We do our utmost to be friendly and good-humoured each and everyday.
  • We communicate efficiently and kindly. We are aware of its impact.
  • We do what we said we would do, and when we are unable to, we give sufficient notice. We are attentive to each person's contribution.
  • When conflicts arise, we resolve it quickly. We view it as a means of improving the efficiency of the team.

If you identify with these values and would like to collaborate with us, we are interested in hearing from you. Contact us or view the job opportunities at Mauna Kea Technologies .