News - Cellvizio - Nov 16, 2017

Mauna Kea Technologies Announces Reimbursement Coverage For Cellvizio® In Croatia

Croatian Health Insurance Fund Now Provides Reimbursement for Cellvizio® advanced endomicroscopy technology for patients affected by gastrointestinal, biliopancreatic, respiratory, and urinary diseases

Mauna Kea Technologies announced today that the Croatian Health Insurance Fund, which administers the universal health care system in Croatia, now provides reimbursement coverage for several key procedures utilizing Cellvizio. The Croatian Health Insurance Fund provides healthcare coverage for the country’s estimated 4.2 million citizens.

Mauna Kea Technologies is locally represented by its distribution partner, CIVOG AG, for gastro-intestinal and pulmonary applications. Sacha Loiseau, Ph.D., Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Mauna Kea Technologies, said, “The addition of reimbursement coverage for endomicroscopy in Croatia is another milestone towards expanded patient access to the unique benefits of non-invasive, real-time tissue evaluation with Cellvizio. It builds on the positive reimbursement for Cellvizio by Medicare/Medicaid in the U.S. and further demonstrates that payers around the world begin to understand the benefits of our technology.

We are pleased that in addition to many of our core GI procedures coverage in Croatia also includes respiratory and urology procedures.” Cellvizio is already used in Croatia at the Clinical Hospital Center Rijeka, which has been equipped since 2015. Cellvizio procedures are now covered in Croatia for patients affected by gastrointestinal, biliopancreatic, respiratory and urinary diseases in the Clinical Hospital Centers, with additional payments ranging from €250 to €800.

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