News - Cellvizio - Jan 2, 2017

Half-yearly report on the liquidity contract with Gilbert Dupont

Paris, France, January 2, 2017

Pursuant to the liquidity contract entrusted to Gilbert Dupont, on 31 December 2016 the following assets appeared on the liquidity account: - Number of shares: 23,681

  • Cash balance of the liquidity account: €94,289.08

As a reminder, at the time of the last Half-Yearly report on 30 June 2016, the following resources were booked to the liquidity account:

Number of shares: 30,282

  • Cash balance of the liquidity account: €81,237.08

About Mauna Kea Technologies

Mauna Kea Technologies is a global medical device company focused on eliminating uncertainties related to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and other diseases thanks to real time in vivo microscopic visualization. The Company’s flagship product, Cellvizio, has received clearance to sell a wide range of applications in more than 40 countries, including the United States, Europe, Japan, China, Canada, Brazil and Mexico. For more information on Mauna Kea Technologies, visit

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