This section is intended for Pre-Clinical Use of our System and not for Human Use.

Cellvizio Lab for in vivo preclinical imaging

In vivo preclinical imaging at cellular resolution with Cellvizio Lab

Cellvizio Lab is Cellvizio® technology for preclinical research

Cellvizio Lab uses Mauna Kea Technologies’ unique Confocal Laser Endomicroscopy (CLE) technology for preclinical research. A dedicated instrument (Cellvizio Dual Band) and dedicated confocal microprobes are available to answer the needs of the research community in a vast range of applications, from fundamental to translational research.

While whole body imagers offer the possibility to obtain macroscopic anatomical and functional information, Cellvizio Lab can reveal molecular events at the cellular level in vivo and in real time. Thanks to this micron-scale resolution, Cellvizio Lab bridges the gap between existing in vivo imaging modalities and conventional high-resolution confocal laser scanning microscopy. It allows to monitor multiple dynamic processes, physiological pathways or cellular interactions in vivo in the same animal over longitudinal studies.

Characterize a wide range of biological processes with Cellvizio Lab

Vasculature and vasodynamics studies

  • Study angiogenesis and extravasation longitudinally
  • Measure vascular constriction and density

Longitudinal monitoring of disease progression

  • Detect and validate optical imaging agents of cancer in vivo
  • Monitor biomarkers on the same animal over an extended period of time
  • Accelerate the translation to the clinics

In vivo histology

  • Assess cellular and vascular structure in vivo
  • Use with endoscope to select area of interest

Evaluation of cellular density

  • Track stem cells migration and homing
  • Detect bacteria and immune cells in situ and in real time longitudinally

In vivo biodistribution imaging

  • Monitor transgene delivery
  • Detect biomarkers in situ
  • Track delivery and distribution of therapeutic compounds (nanoparticles or biomolecules)

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