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Identification codes

• ISIN:FR0010609263

• Ticker: MKEA

• Bloomberg : MKEA.FB

• Reuters: MKEA.PA



Analyst Coverage

Gilbert Dupont

Guillaume Cuvillier


Kepler Chevreux

Lionel Labourdette


ODDO Securities

Sébastien Malafosse


Kempen & Co BV

Mark Pospisilik


Société Générale Equity Research

Delphine Le Louet



Liquidity Contract

Gilbert Dupont

Stock Market Data

• Listed on Euronext Paris regulated market, Compartment C

• Initial listing: July 6, 2011

• Number of shares: 19,156,858

• Industry: healthcare (4000)

• Sector: Medical equipment and healthcare services (4530)





Statutory Auditors

  • Ernst & Young and Others, represented by Mr Cedric GARCIA
    1-2 place des Saisons, 92400 Courbevoie- Paris La Défense, France
  • Cabinet Cofidec SARL, represented by Mr Robinault 155 Boulevard Haussmann, 75008 Paris, France