Launching a Successful Cellvizio Endomicroscopy Program

Supporting a strong partnership with your hospital

Mauna Kea Technologies offers a comprehensive roadmap for launching a successful Cellvizio Endomicroscopy Program that makes is easy to get the ball rolling. And you will not be alone in this process. Our dedicated team of Clinical Account Managers are available on-site and in person to acommpany you during this crucial setup period. We help you get your staff up to speed on the technology, implement a market education plan and acquire reimbursement training . Read on to find out more about each of these parts.

Part I: Staff Training Plan

On-site training programs for quick proficiency in image interpretation are available via workshops and a onine resources, including:

  • , our educational website, offering indication-specific training modules that include real examples of Cellvizio images and the possiblity to test your knowledge and get immediate feedback via interactive quizzes. 
  • On-site support and training sessions by specialized Mauna Kea Technologies personnel to train your Endoscopy staff and answer all your questions.
  • Advanced training through proctorships at Centers of Excellence
  • International Conference of Cellvizio Users: The annual gathering during which Cellvizio users can share their knowledge and findings, develop guidelines for endomicroscopy and discuss the latest developments.


Part II: Market Education

Our Market Education Plan makes it easy to promote your hospital as a leader in patient care. Get the word out that your hospital offers the most cutting-edge imaging technology by using the Cellvizio communications kit which includes:

  • PR/Media materials to help generate interest from local media organizations
  • Patient Outreach templates to help reach your target patient audiences
  • Peer-to-Peer communications models , such as a physician referral letter model
  • Visual Materials , including high-res images and videos
  • Examples of Successful Media Hits , including local and national media coverage


Part III: Reimbursement Support

Mauna Kea offers reimbursement support for healthcare professionals for use of Cellvizio for all clinical indications. Our comprehensive reimbursement program is designed to assist physicians and hospital staff with current coding, coverage and payment information for Cellvizio. This includes:

  • A comprehensive Billing Guide
  • A toll-free Reimbursement Hotline to reach a dedicated Reimbursement Specialist to provide:
    • Assistance with Prior Authorizations and payer expectations
    • Coding and Payment information
    • Payer Coverage Guidelines
  • Advanced reimbursement training at Centers of Excellence