Economic, clinical, and strategic value for your hospital

An investment that makes sense Strong economic, clinical, and strategic value for your hospital

Cellvizio is the imaging modality that fills a critical gap within the endoscopy suite , allowing appropriate utilization of healthcare resources. Cellvizio completes the endoscopy procedure offering, increasing attractiveness to patients and physicians, and ultimately increased volume due to a comprehensive treatment offering and increased referrals.

Cellvizio generates economies of scale

Cellvizio can be used across different departments. Today, Cellvizio can be shared between the GI endoscopy unit and the bronchoscopy unit, and in the future it will be available to more fields of indications (e.g. urology, surgery). The capital equipment can easily be cost-shared by two departments, and the Confocal Miniprobes can be managed separately by each department, depending on their indications and needs.

Cellvizio can also help save significant costs

Cellvizio can help reduce significant indirect costs associated with patient rescheduling by allowing diagnosis and therapy to be performed during a single “all-in-one” procedure.


The Cellvizio System received Category I Current Procedural Terminology (CPT®)* codes for Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy procedures in January 2013.




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