Bilio-Pancreatic Strictures

Optical Biopsy with Cellvizio enables superior characterization of indeterminate biliary and pancreatic strictures

Bilio-pancreatic strictures remain very difficult to diagnose due to the difficulty of getting adequate tissue samples. Using  Optical Biopsy with Cellvizio, physicians can see the stricture at the microscopic level, in real-time during the ERCP procedure, which enables a more accurate and instantaneous characterization. This translates into the ability to detect more malignant strictures during initial ERCP procedure, thus  reducing repeat procedures and offering patients an earlier and more informed treatment option. It also makes it possible for the physician to rule out disease and send a patient home with high confidence. 1 3

Cellvizio Optical Biopsy is a through-the-scope procedure that fits any standard practice and equipment.


Dr. Raj Shah explains how optical Biopsy assists him in the management of bilio-pancreatic strictures

Higher detection of Cancer in ERCP with Cellvizio


The newer endoscopic imaging modality of CLE has kindled an interest in the field of advanced imaging offering a real-time histopathologic evaluation of the pancreaticobiliary system. It has strengthened and extended the arm of the gastroenterologist from a therapeutic endoscopist to an endopathologist. The novel use of this technique is particularly of significance in differentiating indeterminate biliary strictures as treatment depends on an accurate and prompt diagnosis.

Pr. Shajan Peter

University Hospital Basel, Switzerland


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