User’s Training

Cellvizio® is easy to integrate into your hospital thanks to initial and continued education programs on Optical Biopsy.

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Initial training

In order to ensure a rapid learning curve for new users (physicians and their nursing staff), initial training is performed at every user’s facility through various steps:

  • In-service & hands on training for staff : operating system, handling and reprocessing probes, troubleshooting
  • Case Support : continued case support for physician and staff from the local preceptor.
  • User Certification : Online credentialing program at, our e-learning website. Learn and test your knowledge on the Cellvizio system and image interpretation.
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Physicians can also visit an existing Center of Excellence where an Confocal Laser Endomicroscopy (CLE) Expert will teach them about the optical biopsy technology and its clinical applications. Case observation is also delivered to learn more about probe manipulation and image interpretation.
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Continuous training

Once trained on the system, probe and image interpretation, continuous training programs are available in order to build confidence in using the technology and be kept up to date on evolving clinical evidence in various applications.

  • : Your personal e-learning portal. Access the atlas of images to learn and get trained on image interpretation. Review or discover several hundreds of CLE peer presentations. Download educational documents and physician speaker resources. Access a library of webinars focused on continued education and new applications.
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  • International Conference of Cellvizio Users (ICCU) : ICCU is an annual user’s conference dedicated to Confocal Laser Endomicroscopy. Worldwide CLE Experts come together to share best practices, clinical results, and ideas on the future of optical biopsy and the evolution of the standard of care.
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  • Educational meetings : CLE presentations led by worldwide thought leaders and CLE Experts. Refresh your Optical Biopsy knowledge and learn about new applications. Share your cases and questions with other users.
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  • Program Support : Continued support is provided for the implementation and the development of your Cellvizio program. It includes clinical, marketing and reimbursement support.