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International Conference of Cellvizio Users (ICCU)

The International Conference of Cellvizio Users (ICCU) was a unique 3-days conference for Cellvizio users to share their knowledge and findings, develop guidelines and discuss new indications.

In 2015 we had 300 participants, more than 100 scientific presentations and posters, and over 10 medical and surgical specialties from 30 countries all over the world. Learn more about ICCU

Watch members of the Cellvizio community talk about their experiences using Cellvizio Optical Biopsy

Read what users have to say about ICCU

ICCU is an opportunity for all those physicians that are interested in this new technology

Pr. Michel Kahaleh
Weill Cornell Medical College, New York City, NY, USA

It's a great forum to interact with colleagues who are using this technology all over the world, discussing ideas, coming up with new projects, talk about individual experiences

Dr. Amit Rastogi
Kansas City VA Medical Center, Kansas City, MO, USA