Educational Events


Cellvizio Peer to Peer Educational Events

Cellvizio peer to peer education is the best way to get started with our technology. We have a number of educational opportunities which can be organized upon request. 

Join us at an expert center and learn more about Cellvizio through 1-1 expert presentations, case studies, live cases and introduction to image interpretation.

We have a number of proctorships (remote or on-site) around the country. This 1-day visit will allow you to familiarize yourself with the technology and gather indepth insights from CLE experts through real-life case observation and review.


A Selection of our 2017 Cellvizio Centers of Excellence 

We have a number of centers available across the US available for 1-day proctorships, a selection of centers are listed below, additional experts are available in other regions. 

General Surgery 

F. Paul (Tripp) Buckley, MD Surgical Director General Surgery, Surgical Oncology, GI Cancer  Baylor Scott & White, Round Rock, TX

Joseph Burnette, MD Bariatric, General Surgery Coliseum Health Systems, Macon, GA

Philip Leggett, MD Laparoendoscopic Surgery Houston Northwest Medical Center Houston, TX

Gary Reiss, MD Gastroenterology West Jefferson Medical Center, New Orleans, LA

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